Starting in 1968 as a local parts supplier, we were sure that craftsmanship, reliability, and lasting durability were the keys to success. And we were right. We’ve expanded into a wholesale and retail company with a 75,000 square foot Central Distribution center, 10 locations and 7 deluxe showrooms, all led by the original Smith Family, now 3 generations in!


We have hand-selected over 200 individual vendors to supply our inventory, because we know our customers have diverse tastes and needs. And because we know all of our vendors personally, we can guarantee our products will live up to your expectations, both in design and function. We choose the best of the best to join our team, so when you’re looking for something specific, we’ll be able to find just the right thing, so you don’t have to.

Support Local

Investing in arizona

Central Arizona Supply is an Arizona-based, Arizona-loving company- it’s in our name, after all. We know Arizona homes, and we want to honor yours by using our generations of expertise to give you the best quality possible.

Help our economy

When you shop local in Arizona, $73 out of every $100 stays in the local economy. When you shop in a big box store, only $43 out of every $100 stays here. Shopping local is the smartest choice for Arizona.

Sustain your community

We prioritize supporting our local communities over everything else. We buy from local businesses when we can, and we give back to our community through the Smith Central Foundation. When you support our local business, you’re helping us support Arizona.